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Good Day,

I am planning to go for FUE surgery but due to my little donor area, i had a conflicting advises from the different consultancies i made about whether or not i am a candidate for a HT.

I was thinking about going for FUE+SMP operation, does anyone has a previous experince about the results for Norwood 6 case and recommended clinics to do the operation in Turkey or Europe, i have checked Dr. Mwamba but he is very expensive and could not find many positive online reviews for vinci clinic.

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SMP is a powerful weapon. It can be utilized in different ways:

1. If a donor is average and the pattern of baldness is advanced, you can get a decent coverage and then possibly add density in the frontal zones with SMP to hide scalp reflections and minimize the see-through effect. This is usually done a year after your last HT so as to see the full growth and use the SMp to hide as much as possible of the scalp. 


2. The other way is to do a full shaved look SMP for a NW 6 but use few hundreds upto a thousand of FUE grafts all over the scalp in order to give the shaved hair feel. What annoys some people about SMP is that it can shine in the light despite the fact that buzzed hair doesn't show a shiny scalp. The other thing that clients notice is that you visually have a full head of what looks like a shaved head, but when you run your hand over it- or someone else-  then the sensation is quite smooth and unnatural. Hence, having some dispersed FUE grafts transplanted all over can remove these limitations. 

Hope this helps clear your options. 

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