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Dr. Nakatsui, 6 years post op, 2720 grafts, frontal scalp

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This patient came in recently for follow-up and he is now about 6 years out from his surgery. Just wanted to show how well transplants can be sustained over the years.

He initially came in unhappy with the significant thinning he had experienced and wanted to rejuvenate his hair. He did not want a low hairline and wanted to keep some temple recession. However, he really wanted to thicken up the appearance of his frontal scalp.

We used 566 single grafts, 1236 double grafts, and 918 three-hair grafts, for a total count of 2720 grafts.

He is very happy with the results of his transplant.

Dr. Nakatsui
















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CosmoKramer, jj51702, paddyirishman, and forgotpassword,

Thank you for your comments! I appreciate them. He is definitely happy with the rejuvenation of his hairline. Even though it is not a low hairline, it has turned the clock back considerably and sometimes that is exactly what the patient wants. 

As for what other treatments he is on, I will have to check his chart and get back to you.

Thanks again for the comments.

Dr, N



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that's incredibly natural - beautiful work. While there's no pics of the donor, given the graft count and the time period it shows what is possible long term beyond the typical cookie cutter approach of "lets draw a hairline and lets throw some grafts at it." Also shows what's possible with a more conservative hairline.

thanks so much for sharing 

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