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Matt J

Finastride and rogaine increased shedding

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Hi everyone, 

I have been using rogaine foam for about 2 month and rogaine for 1.5 month.

Up to this week I haven't experienced any increase/decrease in hair loss. 

In the last week I have noticed some increased shedding, I wanted to know if it is normal or maybe the drugs don't work for me.

I have also seen some "baby hairs" in my hairline that I am not sure were there before the treatment (Or they were there and I havent noticed) and maybe it is just a new cycle.

Did any of you who used the drug experienced increase shedding for a few weeks and if so, did you have any improvment afterward?


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It’s normal. New thicker hairs are probably growing in. 

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Posted (edited)

The majority of the time you'll notice shedding right after starting the Rogaine regimen.  Once the body figures out that you are actually trying to help, the shedding will subside and you'll start experiencing retention.  At 1 year is when you'll notice the full effect of the medication.  You'll either look the same as you do now, (the medication is intended for you not to lose any more hair), or you'll look fuller.  It is not because new hair is growing in.  It is because the miniaturized hair, (which is true hair loss), is growing thicker.  A small percentage of patients do experience some enhancement. (The shedding you see on the shower, sink, etc...is normal.  Most believe 100 hairs a day is normal.  This relates to the fact that follicles need to rest.  They go into a resting phase and then start producing hair again.  So, if you SEE hair, don't worry).

Seldom do I hear anyone experience this with Propecia/Fiasteride.  

I would encourage you to start taking photos of your whole head. Do this every 3 months otherwise you won't remember.

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