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Being a doctor himself, he was far less concerned about the procedure itself. Rather he was more concerned regarding the design and the final look that he would achieve. His friend, who had already had the procedure with us earlier, had very appealing results.

He went for 5932 grafts for his procedure with us. He had 3513 grafts done from his scalp donor and 2419 grafts done from his beard donor. 

It was after almost a year that we had the chance to meet him again. Till then he had already achieved an amazing density and very natural growth. It was not surprising that he was very happy with what had been  achieved.







Slide1 (1).jpg




Edited by Abhinay Singh

Kind Regards

Abhinay Singh  -  Representative for Eugenix Hair Sciences

Email : digital@eugenix.in     WhatsApp Call/Message: +91 79-779-15534

I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.

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Great results Abhinay, the patient must be delighted with that transformation.

Well done again to EUGENIX for yet another outstanding result.

Was there any beard grafts used and if so how many please? 

Was the patient on any medication?

Thanks Abhinay.


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