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Mr. A S is a confident millennial, whose confidence and peace does not depend on mere aesthetics or any other physical aspect. He was one of the many cases where the procedure was opted for due to the opportunity being present and his hairline unfortunately receding. 

It was a very conscious decision made by him under no pressure of any social taboo or requirement for self satisfaction. Belonging to the aviation industry, it was not even a professional requirement.

He had the opportunity to use the best of his judgements before opting for the procedure. He was 100% aware of what he was getting into. 

He decided to go for 3515 grafts with us. Gradually, the look change began to reveal itself. With more time, his already sharp features began to appear more and more appealing. 

For someone who had never taken transplant as a serious procedure that "har to be done", Mr. A S sure was extremely ecstatic when he saw how wonderfully the procedure had worked for him.

As exhibited in the pictures, this cosmetic procedure can enhance your facial features for the good.



Slide1_censored (3).jpg

Slide2_censored (6).jpg

Slide3_censored (4).jpg

Slide4_censored (2).jpg



Edited by Abhinay Singh

Kind Regards

Abhinay Singh  -  Representative for Eugenix Hair Sciences

Email : digital@eugenix.in     WhatsApp Call/Message: +91 79-779-15534

I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.

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Posted (edited)

The results look great but your write up is not good at all. It sounds like you plugged in everything to google translate then used 5 different thesauruses to come up with complex words to use. It would be much more helpful if you included details such as graft breakdowns, punch sizes, density numbers, hair caliber, etc.

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Abhinay Singh, 

What the hell are you writing ???  Have you read the text yourself before posting here? Though the results look good, your write-up definitely makes the clinic look bad. If writing in English is not your forte, let someone else do the job for the clinic. 

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