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Hey everyone, after visiting these forums on and off for a couple of years I finally decided to go through with a transplant. I'll spare any drawn out backstory as my experience with hair loss is probably not much different than most people with MPB. Will just say my hairline has been receding steadily for at least 10 years now resulting in a NW5(a)? Currently on Fin, which has all but stopped the previous heavy shedding about 4 months in. 

I'm only a bit over 2 weeks at this point but wanted to start this thread to keep tabs on the progress. Due to the amount of space they had to fill I'm excited but nervous to see what the result will be. 


Here's the breakdown:

FUT (went this route due to needing a lot of grafts this time around)

Single hairs - 435

Two Hairs - 2322

Three Hairs - 1266

Four Hairs - 325

Total grafts - 4348

Total Hairs - 9852

45 grafts per cm2


IMG_0523 copy.jpg



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Graft placement looks really good. You're fortunate to have so many multi hair grafts, I think this is gonna go a long way

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