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Hairline specialist in Europe

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Hey Guys, 

I had a hair transplant with 3000 Grafts in the front area 9.5 months ago. I'm not happy with the current result and think it won't get better in the next time. Now I'm searching for a well reputated surgeon to correct my hairline. Other criteria should be: no micromotor, no waiting lists over some years and not a tech driven clinic. 

On my list are:

- feriduni 

- bisanga 

- de reys 

- keser 

What do you think about these Dr's? Would you add someone? How much Grafts will be needed? 





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Anyone of them listed surgeons will be able to quite easily implant approximately a further 1200 grafts in your hairline, so once grown out it is uniform with the density further back.

It's appears to be a relatively minor touch up, there should be no issues.

But first you might want to wait the full 12-18 months before making your final assessment.

Kindest Regards

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These kind of touchups require skilled surgeon IMO,   G|rafts should be  implanted close but still should be fa from  each other to give a natural frontal hairline look, to make sure enough space between each folicle is left to be able to get sufficient blood supply to all and also, to make sure not to damage existing hair nearby ( you have lots)    

also, your redness is still there after 9 months, I am surprised as i think its a rare case.


good luck

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Yes you can wait a bit longer for the final result, but it seems you will need around 1500-1800 depending on how wide the thin frontal zone is. You will need around 400 single hairs to go between the existing hairline and make it more dense but soft. The rest will go behind that as you need the dense look to match your existing hair. Make sure you’re on good maintenance. The surgeons you listed are great choices.

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Posted (edited)

If I were in this position myself, I would be concentrating on finding a clinic in which the surgeon is involved and participating in the entire procedure, including some graft extraction. These are the most consistent results in my opinion, when led by a top-tier Doctor who is the absolute best at what he or she does. Doctor Konior, Dr. Gable, Dr. Ron Shapiro, to name a few excellent HT surgeons. 

On a different note, it's useful that you are sharing your results, as this may deter some people away from going to a tech-driven clinic down the line. Having a hair transplant is a permanent modification to your appearance, so it is a decision that must be made with diligence. Good luck, and I hope you get it sorted to your satisfaction. Cheers. 

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I am not a medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own.

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Have you spoken to Dr. Erdogan? The pictures you presented are under really harsh lighting and you still have sometime for the hair to mature and improve.

I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

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Thanks for your comments guys. The redness is a lil sunburn from my holidays 😄

@PlzRespond @Melvin-Moderator I had a call with my asmed coordinator a few days ago. They tried to convince me that my result is a good one and Dr. Erdogan is satisfied with the current status. I don't share their opinion and I'm very sad about my choice doing this procedure by asmed. My coordinator offers me a free touch up after reaching the 12 month mark if I would be dissatisfied. 

Melvin you're right that the picture is under harsh lighting, but I'm thinking that even under this light a 9,5 month-mark should not look like this. I lost my hope that this turns into a acceptable result and so I'm looking after a new surgeon. And to be honest... I'm not the only one who suffer a really bad regrowth in the last time. I would assume that only 50% of all grafts survived and that's absolute unacceptable. 




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