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Have chosen my surgeon - anything else to consider?

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It has been a 5 year journey, and next week I will be in a position to pay a deposit of around £2.7k to Dr. Devroye's clinic. 

I have had 2 previous consultations, 1 with Ziering back in 2014, and 1 with Dr. Bisanga last year.

I went with Dr. Devroye for a number of reasons, but the main thing was I personally clicked more with him, his approach, and the conversation we had. I don't feel like there is any other reason to have further consultations with other doctors. He was a lovely person on first impressions and I found his staff to be super friendly and polite. 

Plus it was very easy to get to from the UK, the Eurostar is great!

Before i phone up next week to do the bank transfer.......is there anything else left to consider at all? Would there be any point seeing any of the other remaining doctors based in Belgium? 

or anywhere else? should i consider any other doctors in the UK? Fargo etc?  I didn't even bother with the UK.....maybe i should have given it a chance?

I am happy with my choice but would anyone else on here have as many consultations as possible with as many doctors as possible? 

I'll be having FUT, around 2500-3000 grafts required to get my desired hairline. 

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Best of luck with your procedure. Dr. Devroye is a highly esteemed surgeon and a wonderful colleague. There is no right or wrong once you had your research done. There is no magical number of consultations or countries to visit for consultations. As long as you choose someone with a good reputation, results and you personally "click", then you should go for it IMO. 


All the best

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