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Not all doctors are in agreement on post-operative care. But they all seem to agree that alcohol before 7 days ,at a minimum, is not advised. After that, who knows? Even this article seems a bit unsure of itself, a bit ambiguous.

But why would anyone who's gone through the pain and expense of a hair transplant want to risk damaging the result?!? I love to drink but I'll be waiting a month before I drink again, and even then I'll ease into it. 


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Interesting topic. 

I believe the most relevant issue with alcohol and hair transplant surgery is its (alcohol) affect on "blood thinning." You do not want your blood to be too "thin" before a surgical procedure or within a reasonable period afterwards while things are still healing up. We typically ask patients to refrain from anything that can thin the blood -- including alcohol -- for 7 to 10 days before surgery, and for at least 3 days after. By day 4, all surgical incisions/excisions should be pretty well sealed up and bleeding is less of a practical concern. However, this only applies to reasonable amounts of alcohol consumption. I think if a patient wants to have a beer at post-op day 4, it is probably okay; if the patient wants to go to an all day outdoor drinking festival at day 4, I may advise against it -- for a number of reasons. Having said all that, most patients like to be overly cautious and not drink for extended periods before and after surgery. 

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