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FUE Hairline Created by Jerry Cooley MD, 1569 Grafts

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This patient is in his early 30s and wanted to correct his frontal hairline and temple recession. He did not have any crown thinning and did not have a family history of extensive balding. We prescribed finasteride and planned an FUE session, given that he wears his hair short on the back and sides. We transplanted 1,569 grafts. He is shown one year later.




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Typically I think Cooley does extremely natural work, but I honestly don't see how anyone can think this looks natural without kidding themselves. This patient would have NEVER had is temple regions that squared off, and there's a very obvious distinction in texture between the recipient in front of the native temple hair and the natives. The frontal hairline also looks somewhat artifical in shape and very, very clearly lacks the softness of the hairline in the preops.

I don't think most people have very good observational or aesthetic judgement skills especially looking at this thread of people who have likely seen a lot themselves and don't see any issues, but this is a result I would easily pick on the street as a hair transplant. 

Especially with this thick, curly hair i'd be cautious with minor adjustments like this especially in the temples when considering naturalness. 

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The hairline looks too straight I would personally preferred a middle hair patch and a bit of arc on each sides but in practice 99 percent of people looking at him aren't going to think anything or dont care 

Besides the actor Frank Vincent - aging man hairline benchmark, look at the hairline of Zaynk Malik for good clues on a natural looking kick ass hairline 


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