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Hi there,

I've been reviewing a wide variety of surgeons and came down to a few based in Istanbul and nearby. I noticed that Dr. Demirsoy is much cheaper than the others, such as Koray Erdogan and, given my budgetary constraints, I think I might opt for this surgeon. I've seen some reviews on YouTube - before and after etc. - and they seem like a good clinic to go to. I guess I was just a bit surprised by the price (1.25 euros versus 2.5 euros for Koray and 2 euros for other Istanbul-based surgeons). I hope that price isn't a reflection of quality.

I also saw that many people lately have been unhappy with ASMED, even though they charge among the highest in Istanbul. Many here appear to have come to the conclusion that standards may have slipped at ASMED compared to 5-10 years ago. I don't know how true or untrue this may be. I've been going through many of the recent posts here.

I've noticed not so many reviews lately for Dr. Demirsoy though, so I just thought I'd dip in here and try to harvest any of the latest thoughts on his clinic.

Any help is much appreciated as I hope to make the right decision.

Choosing the right surgeon is no small thing and having my hair somewhat restored is something that I've been looking forward to for many, many years now. I'll be sharing my experience here on the forum too when surgery day eventually arrives.

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I decided on bisanga in the end but dr demisroy was a close 2nd as I haven't seen any bad work from him, he seems very competent and if I was ever going Turkey I would definitely be looking in his direction. 

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