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This then 56 year old male was first operated by us in 2006 and had the most recent transplant 4 years ago. He received a total of 7200 FU's, divided into four HT sessions. No DFU grafts were used, only FU grafts, harvested from a strip. His before and after photos make it look almost like he's a different person. I believe he may have had a face lift to make the face look more youthful. And, obviously, hair coloring helped make a difference also. My associate, Dr. Keimun Slaughter, recently performed an initial PRP treatment for him, which is too early to judge now. The two photos with the patient wearing the dark blue jacket were taken the day of his initial consultation visit. One photo shows the densely packed FU sites 10 days after surgery when he came in for his suture removal. He is presently 72 years old and delighted with his results.

Mike Beehner, MD.










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I don’t understand where 7200 grafts went. Could you break down each session? Hairline doesn’t even look that refined. Maybe it’s the dark hair contrasted with the pale skin but I would expect better with that many grafts on that minimal hair loss. 

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