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Dr Reddy, 1871 FUE, Before and after

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This 27 year old male came to us requesting to lower his hairline. He had a strong family history of hair loss and was alarmed by the rate of hair loss. On examination Dr Reddy advised him to take Finasteride as he felt the hair loss was not stable . Having stabilised his hair loss for over 12 months and having a long term strategy in prevention of further loss, Dr Reddy opted for the FUE procedure. Given the circumstances, the plan was to limit the procedure to 2000 grafts and to preserve a significant amount of donor hair for future use. Attached are the photos that were taken before, 1 week after and 9 months after the procedure. The client has entertained the idea of lowering his hairline at a future date. 












I represent Dr. Raghu Reddy


Dr. Raghu Reddy is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network.

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Great result .. he’s a good looking guy , n with that hair loss made him just appear like a regular dude that’s balding.. but with a  nice hair to frame his face .. n accentuate his features.. he’s going to be getting something woman soon .. I guarantee it . With his new good looks n confidence .

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Great result for only 1871 grafts. Looking at the pictures, I think the patient's donor characteristic also probably helped getting a good result with that number of grafts.

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Yeah his hair characteristic is top notch .. thick n curly .. it’s hard to work with but when transplanted correctly makes a big cosmetic difference .. if I were him I would of never let myself get that bald before doing something about it .. he wasted a lot of good years feeling depressed about his hair when it could of been fixed earlier . 

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