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Booked with Dr John Kole of BisangaCole in Athens

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Hi All,

After reading so many posts and researching so many options. I narrowed my research down to Dr Kole and Bisanga and having a consultation with Dr Kole I made a decision as I am off work at the moment and go for it.

Yes I am nervous, I am excited but also worried how things will turn out. I am having apprxo 3000 Graphs in my crown and hairline, I dont want a aggressive hairline as im 42 and as advised by Dr Kole you have to maintain the donor in case of another HT in 10 + years time manybe?? 

What you think guys,?Dr Kole doesnt have much on forums but I have read about his work and he is a a legend in HT world. The price was affordable with the quality I am getting and didnt want to go into the unknown in Turkey as I am hearing the top docs are using less and less of the work. but thats not confirmed. 

Will post pre ops soon. 



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Hi Ashforce, 


You are in great hands with the Dr and the clinic. Both surgeons are very experienced and caring and their Athens Clinic is on all accounts superb. Keep us in the loop on your session.



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I shall do. As everyone give back to others. I’m excited and nervous. It’s the few weeks after but also I need prepare a regime to maintain my hair as best as possible.

any advise post op will be most welcomed 

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Congratulations on confirming your date of procedure. After your video consults with Dr John C he is looking forward to meeting you in person.

It is great to see that you intend to document your experiences here, that will add real value for other guys in a similar position and it will be much appreciated by many.

It has been great speaking over the last weeks, and I look forward to further conversations as your surgery date approaches and then of course to offer my support post procedure.

Lets catch up over the next days.

All the best.


Patient Advisor for Dr. Bisanga - BHR Clinic 


I am not a medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own.

My Hair Loss Website

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