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Doctor, you know the problem that I typically notice, (to call it a problem), with forums?  We pick at things and try to notice all the negative things. Is there a visual change? Of course.....but here is what I notice just by briefly glancing at the the two images,

Patient seems to be wearing his hair longer in photo #2.  Who's to say that it is the length of the hair that is helping with the coverage.

The top, area behind the front, seems thinner on photo 2.  I realize here the patient is spiking his hair up and is not getting the coverage he did on photo 1.  He was combing the hair to the side at that point.

The majority of the change seems to be on the crown.  Did you put any grafts back there? And only 1600?

Is the patient doing any type of medical therapy?  For how long?

I am wondering if he lost more native hair, particularly in the front during the 10 mo period.  Not sure, by the angle of the photo, if the hair in the very front is all grafts or if there is some native stuff in there

Is the patient happy with the preliminary result?





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