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Announcing the New Mobile Friendly Patiemt Websites - To Document Your HT Journey

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Many years ago, the hair loss patient websites were an innovation that nobody has ever seen before and the best and most popular way to document your hair transplant journey with photos.   Whatever, over the last couple of years, these have fizzled out because they were never really truly updated to match today’s technology. 

The Patient Websites Are 100% Designed for Mobile Devices 

But now, we are pleased to announce the new, mobile friendly hair loss websites that gives hair transplant patients a new and exciting way to document their hair transplant journey with photos, videos and more.   Bloggers  and even rate and review their hair transplant surgeons, upload YouTube videos and very easily create a new photo albums that will all be accessible from one modern, easy to use  interface. 

Patient Websites also Optimal On a Computer 

Of course, the fact that the patient websites are mobile friendly doesn’t take away from the reality that they also look and function beautifully on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  

Your Previousky Created Weblogs Updated

The good news is, all previously created patient websites have been converted to the new, mobile friendly and modern patient website. Those of you who have created a website already can simply login begin using his new features.  

Why Create A Patient Website?

it’s far easier and more well organized to share your hair transplant experience, progress,  photos and videos using the patients websites over the discussion forum.  Instead of bumping a topic or creating a new one that’s completely detached from the previous one, you simply login to your patient website and add a new procedure, journal, photo album or video.

Essentially, everything is kept in one place and you only have to link people to your patient website once and they will find everything you’ve ever shared. 

Creating a New Patient Website

If you haven’t created a patient website yet, now would be the perfect time to do so.   By simply clicking “create website“, you will create an account and begin sharing your experience, procedure information, photos and videos.   If you’ve had more than one hair transplant, you can add a second procedure distinct from the first one and add new photo albums or videos under each procedure. 

Simply go to www.hairlossweblogs.com  and click “create website “or click “register“

Updating Your Patient Website 

Many of you have already created patient websites many years ago or even recently. But now would be a great time to update your website by adding more photos, videos or rating your surgeon. 

 As stated previously, your website has already been converted to the new format. Thus, to update your website with new photos or videos, simply go to www.hairlossweblogs.com  and click “update website“ or “login“

Adding Your Patient Website to Your Forum Signature 

Creating a patient website is only the first step. You will want to share your website/blog with members of this community. So of course, you can simply create a new forum topic and post a link to your website. But if you would like people to be able to access your patient website every time you post, you can simply add it to your forum signature. 

 step-by-step instructions on creating your very own patient website and linking it in your forum signature, visit “creating your own website – linking to your forum signature“  

Screenshots and Photos

I’ve included some photos of the new patient websites below so you can see what they look like both on a mobile device and a desktop/laptop computer.   

We look forward to viewing your  documented hair transplant journey in a whole new way after you’ve created or updated your patient website. 

Onwards and Upwards,









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5 hours ago, Zaagirad said:

Quick question. I started my own journal but my upload pictures aren't showing/loading properly. They are just from my phone, do I need to change the format?


Can you send me a private message of the error you’re receiving? I will help you fix it.

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