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propecia 14 years - 4 HTs already ...

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2 hours ago, conan said:

Hello Melvin , thanks for your answers .


Would get Romans works in france ? I dont think so .

Also KEEPS , are they selling legitimate finasteride ? 




I believe they sell legitimate finasteride as well as HIMS. I have no idea whether they work in France, but worth a try.

I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

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so to come back on the main topic of this thread now . 

We all agree H&W are probably one of the best clinic in the world . I am personally based in Europe . 

I now this is a never ending question but to which clinic would you also talk to for a repair / surgery in Europe ? 

I of course dont mind traveling to Canada but if the same quality can be achieved closer to where I live then why not ? 


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Dear All

I am digging out this old thread created by me a while ago . 

The link here is in french but is referencing the discussion I started earlier on Finasteride on yes or no the finasteride could be soon out of the market , the justice is getting a strong interest/focus on fews cases were people comitted suicide after taking the drug . 

Now it all comes back to my intial fear , part of my head are still my natural hairs (see the picures at he beginning of this discussion) , more or less maintained by the drug . 

If I stop taking the drug the hairs are going to fall of and the whole thing will look completely unatural . 

But , I am book on the 29.11 at Haittingen for a 3500 grafts session to "work" on the area that is not currently grafted . 

So the real question remains now , am I doing this surgery to early ? 

after 4HTs already I can not go wrong anymore and without the drug and my previous surgery I will surely be a norwood 5/6 .... 

What do you think guys ? 

I am also inserting another link from Reuters , the read is very interesting . 




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