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3000 graft FUE with Dr. Hasson.Finally did it.

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14th Day Post-Op update. Pic's are below. I am still scabbing as you can see in the pics and it's quite flaky. I have been using the shampoo provided by Dr. Hassan and just rubbing the hair with

Congrats on pulling the trigger! Excellent choice in surgeons and your HT looks right on track. I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic result. Just be patient and give it time, and good stuff will happen. G

Thanks Melvin!

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20 hours ago, yesplease said:

Awesome, congrats!


Any other preop pics to share? A little difficult to get a clear grasp of your baseline hairloss with the one pic you included. Would be great to be able to compare a little more clearly with the post-ops. 

Regardless, good luck! 

Hi, @yesplease, here are some additional pre-op pics. I will try to find more but so hard to do as the resolutions are terrible. I wish I took some pics on the day of my surgery but my phone was placed away at the clinic. However, you can see with the pic below he had lowered my hairline slightly as I have a big forehead. Lol.




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3 hours ago, AhmadF1284 said:

Best of luck in your journey. It all looks great so far. I did get some redness during the first month too and some itching. Were you advised to use anything for that? I did find almond oil to be useful. 

Hi @AhmadF1284I was not advised of any product. However, normally after applying shampoo it feels less itchy. I also wear a hat during work so it helps prevent me from touching my head. I will try your advice on Almond oil as I hear its good for your hair.

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27th day post op. The area is now pretty red and hair is falling off rapidly. Is it odd that the spot where the hair has been implanted seems almost smooth or bald as if nothing has been implanted. Would that mean hair wouldn’t grow back in that area? Hopefully some experts can assist. Thanks.


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Everything you’re describing is quite normal. I’d refrain from putting a lot of stuff in your hair / on your scalp and just let the process work naturally. Your head looks almost identical to how mine did at that stage. (Your’s is probably even better.) it’s all part of the process and the process just takes time. If you’re really in a panic, you can also always email questions to Christine at DrHasson’s office. She usually responds within hours. 

Personally though, I think you look right on track. Good luck!

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