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Hair thinning?

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Male 19

Recently looked into the mirror and noticed my hair whorl. Im unsure wether this this is thinning or my imagination. Mother's side doesn't have hair loss, unknown about Father's. Context: Ive had Accutane treatments two different times, (Last dosage was roughly a year ago) recently cut a large portion of my hair. (Was at my lower back) 





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Most doctors think that the whirl is a point and the hair stems from there.  I'd bet some would think that this is just a bit more than a point.  And, if you look carefully, it seems that you can see scalp spreading all around.  The fact that you have black hair and light scalp does not help you either.  The contrast typically makes it worse than what it truly is.  Being as young as you are I would encourage you to do a few things.  Find out family history of loss.  Go to a hair transplant doctor and have a consultation. Talk to him about medical therapies that can help you with retention and enhancement of the native hair.  Seems there is miniaturized hair and you may be at a point of reversing some of this.

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Looks like some thinning on your vertex .

Consult a hair transplant doctor for scalp analysis .

In the meanwhile , you can start taking some hair vitamins ( Help Hair vitamins + Help Hair whey  proteins ).It won't hurt you and it is always beneficial to slow down hair loss progression and improve hair quality .

After the diagnosis , the doctor will adjust the treatment ( adding some others staff  if necessary ).


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