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Hey guys,

I had posted my results in another thread over in Open Discussion, but I thought I would consolidate and update my poor pictures with some of the before/after photos the clinic was kind enough to share with me. If I miss any information recapping, the original thread will be linked under "Patient Results"

I had initially stopped by to consult with Dr. Arocha about surgery. After taking a look at my hair he recommended that I try adding PRP+Acell to the Finasteride and Minoxidil treatments. I had been on Finasteride 1mg daily for around three years by this time, and Minoxidil for several months. The doctor felt that my generalized thinning might benefit from the treatment, so I agreed to give it a shot. We also discussed the possibility of LLLT since all of these things seem to be more effective when used in conjunction with one another rather than standalone treatments, but I wanted to evaluate the PRP first since there were already a number of variables in the mix and budget was a concern. That was back on 11/5/18. I went back to his office last Monday, 4/8/19 around the five month mark, so the after pictures are from then. A couple of things to note:

1. To reiterate, I am also on Finasteride 1mg and Minoxidil twice daily. I added dermastamping a few months ago, which I do once a week with 2 mm needles.

2. Dr. Arocha performed PRP+Acell injections into my scalp around five months ago. In theory I will continue to receive benefits up to the twelve month mark if not a bit longer, but twelve months is what the doctor recommended for maintenance. He did confirm that a booster session could be beneficial for to accelerate "lagging" areas like the corners in the front, but he didn't feel that was in any way necessary unless I was feeling impatient. I decided to see how things progressed without the booster this time. Most of the PRP injections were done in the frontal area with just a little in the crown.

3. I am actually a redhead of sorts. My hair is that kind of dark auburn color with red highlights mainly visible when the light catches them. As a result, my sprouting hairs tend to be very light, fine, and nearly invisible before they thicken and darken up to the deeper brown-red of my more mature hairs. There are actually a bunch of them growing in the hairline and corners that you can't see in these photos, and based on my experience thus far there's a very real chance they may end up becoming terminal. We'll find out.

4. All pictures are taken without any kind of concealer or special product other than the leave-in conditioner I use after showering. The photos were all taken in the same spot, same lighting, with the same camera. If anything, the lighting does me a few favors in the before pictures as you can see from the harsh lighting pictures. Hair is combed back in both pictures, but I think it was just a tad longer in the "before" images.

I hadn't actually realized how rough the crown had started to get, so I'm grateful to be able to see my scalp from angles I'm not usually privy to. It's still lagging a bit, but in fairness it was looking rough to begin with and the PRP injections were not concentrated in that area. Beyond obvious regrowth and filling in of sparse areas, the thickness and strength of the existing terminal hair seems to have improved quite a bit as well. It seems to have much more volume and strength to it at the moment, and I think that actually comes across in how limp my hair looks in some of the before pictures.

PRP treatments can be somewhat treacherous territory because based on my research there is absolutely no standardization for how it is performed. Technique, equipment, etc. can vary wildly from place to place and that means if you're going to try it you absolutely need to go somewhere reputable that can show you a history of good results. There are a couple of doctors on this site that fall into this category, and based on my experience I would highly recommend speaking with Dr. Arocha if you're looking to give PRP a shot. 

Clinic Photos:



Patient Photos in Harsh Light (Please excuse poor quality)




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