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Pink scalp question

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My guy’s scalp is still pink after 3 months, although much less so. His hair is salt and pepper and he had a lot of shock loss. Thankfully the new hair growing back in is helping cover the light pink, but you see it most at the hairline. 


I read that a doctor can prescribe topical steroids for this. Is that true and does it work quickly? At this point it’s just the pink that one notices that something has gone on with his head. 

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Yes, a topical steroid cream can be used...there are a few over the counter products and also recommend that this is discussed with his surgeon as there are stronger ones but require a prescription.

If the scalp is more pink than red, a 2% or 3% should work well and it does take several weeks for the color to start dissipating yet be sure to run this past his doctor first.


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Thanks! It’s more than light pink, but not angry red. It’s not that noticeable unless outside, but now it’s getting nice and sunny.  He has an appt. in a few weeks and I told him to mention this to them, if there’s a cream or steroid. It’s good to know there might be. Wish he had started it a month ago, but we thought it would have died down more by now.

He is not that light completed at all 

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You may try some oils such as Olive oil , almond oil or aloe vera on the area. It worked for me when I got itchy and a bit pink in the donor or near the forehead. It is not worrying though. Better to run it by his doc too. 

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