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Hi there.

I have been using finasteride & minoxidil for the last year.

It's definitely slowed down the rate of my hair loss but

unfortunately my hair is still falling out. I've heard PRP

is good to regrow hair and keep it there. I understand that

it is something that you have to do regularly but does anybody

know if it actually works? Has anybody here suffering from hair loss

had success with PRP?

Below are some photos of my current state of hair.




Hair loss 1.jpg

Hair loss 2.jpg

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Not good enough for 1000 dollar sessions for the rest of ur life . 

Try dermarolling/ dermapen, it works in a similar fashion to PRP..

u definitely need to take finasteride .. ur hair seems to be thinning . N don’t tie ur hair back too hard , or u will get traction alopecia ( hairloss from pulling hair) 

best of luck .. it’s time to start doing ur homework on hairloss

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I posted my personal results in a thread just above yours. Results vary but Spanker is right about it working best on miniaturized native hair based on my research and personal results. Take that as you will.

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On 4/3/2019 at 7:13 AM, Melvin-Moderator said:

I’ve seen mixed reviews. I think I’m definitely gonna give it a try and document my results on here and YouTube. Legend is right stay away from tight ponytails that could make your hair loss worse.


Did you try PRP? I had my FUE with Dr Lupanzula yesterday and he gave me a PRP injection as well. I am thinking of taking up a PRP session. Maybe 3 or 4 injections every month but I am hearing mixed things about PRP. 

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