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Dr Bisanga FUE 2022 - March 2019

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Hi guys, quick update - I took this and forgot to upload, it was just under 11 weeks, and I thought I would take advantage of a bright light in my hotel when I was with wet hair but never got round to posting! 

I think I'm a late shedder, as I am still seeing the odd few (what I presume to be transplanted hairs) shedding within the majority of the dry skin flakes I get in the frontal area each day . . maybe Its a result of being too protective of the recipient area, I'm not sure . . therefore because of that I am preparing myself for a longer wait in terms of their regrowth and what will be the end results - thats my logic to it anyway, perhaps anyone with a better understanding will be able to confirm or disprove that trail of thought? 

Other than that all is well, and trying my best to forget I've had it done, and then hopefully one day wake up and be surprised by the results :) 



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Hi Guys, 

Photos from DAY 98/14 WEEKS  

Seeing new sprouts and little hairs growing which is good to see, and already I feel more confident with how my hair is just now, compared to how it was pre op . . despite still being thin and obviously still early on in the whole process, I've noticed in particular this last week that its started sitting in a different, more fuller way, which has given me a great boost, and helped with styling options! 

A few pics wet in front of natural light from a window, and one dry to try and show how it sits! 






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