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dr. Bisanga or dr. Keser for an aggresive hairline

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Hi guys, I am NW 2, 25 years old and lately(about 6 month ago) I read a lot about these 2 particular surgeons. Both are so good but I want to hear some opinions from you guys because you are all experienced and you know whats going on. 

Unfortunately, I was born with a high forehead and receding temples and right now I'm trying to make a hair transplant to repair my hairline and I'm trying to decide here where to go. 
I talked to dr.Bisanga and he told me that I would need 2000-2300 grafts and dr. Keser said that I would need 1800. We all know that dr.Keser is a little bit conservative regarding this aspect.
I also want to mention that I want an aggresive hairline, like in photos. 

So what you guys think? Who is better suited for this?

P.S. I attached a picture below to give you an example of aggresive hairline.





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Dude Brad Pitt wants his hairline back...

Two good docs with solid results from what I've seen.

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both doctors mentioned are excellent and will probably advise you of the dangers of going with an "aggressive" hairline - you're 25 now and you will continue to lose native hair - you need to think about how that aggressive hairline will fare when you're 35, 45 and 50 - there is something to be said about being "conservative" and taking into account donor management etc. for inevitable future surgeries 

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