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Hair transplantation forum in China

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I am really impressed with the international representation on these forums, seems like most of the world is represented. I always noticed clinics from Africa and China were missing. I assumed the former was because a lot of countries there were still developing but China always confused me, as I felt it would be a huge repository of potential surgeons and patients to look at and help develop technique forward.

Presumably, the stratification of the surgery in tech labor that distinguishes America : Europe (particularly FUE) would be even more pronounced in China, as they really have seemed to leverage this approach with robotics and manual labor in other industries.

The closest thing to a "forum" I could find there was through baidu (which is apparently their Google): 

Does anyone know of an actual Mandarin forum?

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I've never seen the Chinese brought up in most conversations in regards to excelling in traditional western medicine. I think hair transplantation is such a niche field that it will be difficult to really try and expand into places like China.

I agree though that if a good surgeon could set up a similar business model as what they do in the multiple patients per day/tech run clinics it would be even more affordable than turkey.


The other issue is with the cultural differences that would spill into the aftercare. I just dont think China would cut it with western patients expecting the similar type of aftercare they receive with doctors in other countries like the US.


All just my opinion

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