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2200 fue Dr Reddy 16/3/19 how’s it look ?

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Looking very good.. You will have a good few months of hair thickening ahead so plenty to come too as that can be equally impactful on the final result.

Did the Dr say what kind of donor you have available?  The good thing is you have been conservative in your graft numbers so you should have donor in the bank to protect against future loss.

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Dr said the graft ratio was about 3, once they started the extracting he also said look at these chunky grafts so sounded very promising. Not sure if they say this to most but felt like he was being legit. Dr Reddy was very professional and still very easy to chat and have a joke with. We had a few ongoing jokes over the two days the first being the doc giving me a false name of one of his Tecs .. which I fell for, much to everyone’s humor. The team made the experience as comfortable as possible and really couldn’t do enough. 

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