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Fue dr gabel 1500-1600 grafts

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Has a wonderful experience with dr gabel and his team last year. 

The day of surgery was great. I had no complications and the surgery felt top notch.

i was concerned when told I would only need 1500 to 1600 grafts as opposed to 2000 we had originally gone by through email consult and pictures but I was told I had thick hair and didn’t need as many.

i was also told to leave temple points alone as they usually start to look bad.

everything was explained well and I let dr gabel do his magic.

however, after the initial feeling of a full hairline post procedure, the shed and ugly duckling staged hurt.

i am now 6 months post and I feel my progress hasn’t really gotten much better since 3-4 months (apart from longer hair).

i still have to spend as much time concealing my hairline as I did pre surgery. I actually feel the hair behind the temples looks thinner and unless I comb it forward looks really sparse and bad in contrast to other hair.

i am hoping for more growth but I feel like most people see good results setting in at 6 months 






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Can you post a picture of you with how your hair is currently without you pulling the hair back and stressing the area just to see how your hairline is naturally sitting and whatnot? It looks like your temples have definitely been filled in but based on the natural density of your native hair and the safe amount of hairs per cm2 a reputable surgeon like Dr Gabel can do it's not out of question that it wouldn't be visible under harsh lighting or when wet... also are you on fin to stop further hair loss?

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You will probably go through another new growth phase in months 7-9 so don’t frett just yet, I still see some new fine hairs that have newly grown here and there myself and from what I’ve seen Dr Gable does some great work.

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