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6 months since my 2nd transplant on Sep 10th 2018.  For about 4-5 months I didn't think much was happening and now I seem to be ahead of schedule.  My hair feels thick and full, and I am going for a new look.  I have grown a full beard, and I am going to let my hair grow longer.  The beard and mustache are all white and my hair is still mostly brown.  I actually found a picture that predates my first transplant in 2011 so at the 1 year mark Sep 10, 2019 I will post a current picture and a before picture  I have had a total of 4300 grafts and I am totally pleased with the results.  Not bad for 71 years old.

If I had shedding I sure didn't notice it, and there was no shock loss, and I get a very high success rate with the transplants.  I didn't use any of the lotions suggested to prevent hair loss.  I just think I am a good patient for transplants.  Both times I have done this I have been pleasantly surprised.

"Imagination frames events unknown in wild fantastic shapes of hideous ruin, and what it fears, creates." Hannah More

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