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Minoxidil worth it ?

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Hi all,

I am 31 Norwood 3 and have been taking finasteride (propecia 1mg a day) for 10 years which has slowed the progress of my hair loss. It has been 2 years now that my hair loss has accelerated despite religiously taking propecia every day so I am considering to buy rogaine foam and apply every night to limit the inconvenience of the treatment.

What do you think about rogaine? Is it really working on slowing/stopping hair loss? 

I am also worried about the shedding resulting from the minox. How long does it last and is it happening 100% of the time?

Finally, I had a first consultation with Dr Bisanga who prescribed me the minox pill version. But right after leaving his office I checked on the net and it is really not recommended because of the myriad of side effects. Has anyone tried or is under this specific treatment?


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As per my research, Minoxidil is the best and only medicine for boosting hair growth and promoting blood circulation in your scalp area. there is no match yet for minoxidil and it should be definitely considered by all Hair loss patients  ( foam is much better as no alcohol)

since 1960s when it was first discovered; there are many myths and theories about this medicine. Most people would tell you that if you stop taking it, hair loss is reverted and you loose everything. Well, its the same for proper diet, exercise - do we stop them? No, we continue but even if after 1 year , someone would like to discontinue taking minoxidil, as long as they are willing to perform some crazy exercises religiously that flows the blood to the head/hair follicles, you will never loose what you have gained with minoxil.  This is the biggest myth IMO that's out there - that you've to take minoxidil for life. 

Yes its better to continue it but patients need to understand, our blood takes all the nutrients to each part of our body gained from our diet. Other parts of the body are always easily accessible but going all the way to the top - our head, its  extremely hard for our blood to take nutrients and reach there. Minoxidil simply acts as a steriod for those scalp nerves and boost blood circulation towards the head 

Now, once you stop it - blood circulation would also decreases, hence revert back to old condition but if you replace minoxidil with some insane exercises( upside down) , that promotes blood circulation towards the head or Yoga, you shall see that there is no revert back to old condition.


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