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Has Anyone Else Had Success With Hemp CBD Oil?

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Has Anyone Else Had Success With Hemp CBD Oil?

Just my quick backstory: After initially employing CBD Oil as part of a night time, anti-aging facial routine, I noticed what appeared to be new hairs sprouting from the top of my head, near to where I had been applying the serum. At the same time surprised and excited, I decided to see what would happen if I applied CBD Oil daily to my scalp, would I indeed see my Thinning Hair come in thicker and fuller, could CBD Oil potentially be used to Stop Hair Loss and potentially even help assist to Regrow Hair? These are all questions I am currently still trying to answer, in the meantime I have decided to track the results by taking daily video shots of my hair to track its health, thickness, progression and regrowth. And from what I can tell my hair does seem to be coming in thicker and fuller including in the crown area and on top of my head, where thinning was already far advanced and balding very apparent. Let me know what you think of my results so far after about 5 Months of applying Hemp CBD Oil to my scalp once in the evening before bed: 


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