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Raymond Konior, MD | Chicago Hair Institute | 3088 Graft Frontal/Midscalp Hair Restoration

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This 38 year old patient requested density enhancement in his thinning frontal and midscalp regions.  His exam revealed a diffuse thinning pattern throughout the male pattern zone.  The donor area showed low caliber hair and evidence of retrograde alopecia.  He underwent a 3088 graft restoration of the frontal and midscalp regions.  Presented are fourteen month postop results.  These include part views in the graft zones that demonstrate his density enhancement.


preop front.jpg

Preop Front


preop top.jpg

Preop Top


preop right.jpg

Preop Right


preop left.jpg

Preop Left


postop front 1.jpg

Postop Front 1


postop front 2.jpg

Postop Front 2


postop top.jpg

Postop Top


postop right 1.jpg

Postop Right 1


postop right 2.jpg

Postop Right 2


postop right 3.jpg

Postop Right 3


postop left 1.jpg

Postop Left 1


postop left 2.jpg

Postop Left 2


density inspection center part.jpg

Density Inspection Center


density inspection front horizontal part.jpg

Density Inspection Front


density inspection right part.jpg

Density Inspection Right


density inspection left part.jpg

Density Inspection Left


postop donor area.jpg

Postop Donor Area


immediate postop graft placement.jpg

Immediate Postop Graft Placement











Edited by Dr. Raymond Konior
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Fantastic result and excellent work!

What kind of black magic sorcery do you utilize that the implanted grafts are so cleanly placed without any excess bulbous protruding graft tissues in the recipient area?! You wizard! 🙂

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Amazing result! I agree that the post-op recipient area is immaculate and does look different than almost all other surgeons with regards to how the grafts sit in the incision sites. I think it's a testament to Dr. Konior's precision and attention to detail during all phases of the procedure. Well done as always!

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