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Is derma rolling effective? I just bought one a couple weeks ago and have given it a shot. So far maybe 3 times in two weeks. I don’t use minoxidil.  What’s everyone’s thoughts? 

- is it effect with or without the combo of minoxidil? 

- How many times a week?

- will it do more harm than good?

- is it harmful to new hair after a hair transplant ?


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I’ve heard good things about dermarolling .. I’m about to try it myself .. Im going to spend $150 on a dermapen.. it’s more efficient than the dermaroller..  it’s worth the extra cost if I’m going to be doing this forever.. if u going to do something , use only the best :)  It’s also suppose to be good for the skin too .. so It has dual uses.. let me know if it helps u ..  .. 


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