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FUE or FUT? And who do you guys recommend?

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Hey there everyone:

I wanted to do a HT now for 7 years but opportunity never presented itself.  After my second child I noticed a lot of hair on top of my head has gone missing so I'm finally deciding that this year is the year.  I want to do two things.  1) I'd like to share my story with others who are contemplating the surgery and 2) I'd like to get some advice from all of you about who I should go to and what I should do.

Some background:  I'm male, 41 and healthy.  My hair is fine and wavy which is typical of people of my descent.  I'm not restricted by geography of surgeons but there are a few in my state (IL) such as Dr. Konior who I'd give preference to.  Being that as it may, Dr. Konior is booked a year in advance and he recommended someone to me who can see my earlier but I don't see reviews of him on this forum.  I'm really weighing which surgeon I want but I do know that I'd like a procedure completed before the fall if at all possible.

I've had areas of diffusion going as far back as my 20s but few scalp spots were noticed until very recently.  I spoke to a few surgeons in CA a few years back and most of them told me the same thing:  I need about 3000-4000 grafts and more than half recommended a FUT procedure because more can be harvested.  I'm not opposed to either FUE or FUT as the latter has come a long way.  

I attached some pictures.  The most concerning areas are the crown and the front left side of my scalp.  Not sure where to start. 

1). Should I try to get the entire head done at once?
2). Who are some recommended surgeons you guys like that would do well for my case?




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First, let me say, you do a good job covering.  You are smart to style your hair to the side.  The hair shingles and give you the sense of density.  That being said, you have diffused thinning throughout the pattern and it looks like a pretty good size.  Additionally, you are expanding the pattern, particularly to the sides and back.  That means that there is more loss to come. Fortunately, however, there is a lot of miniaturized hair that has not left the building.

The first thing to consider is the halt the loss and hope to enhance the hair you have.  Has anyone spoken to you about medical therapy? (Propecia, Rogaine, Laser and PRP).  Most believe Propecia and Rogaine tend to be the most effective in the mid back. 

A few basics of hair transplants.  Hair in the front grows forward at an angle.  Hair in the middle, similarly, grows the same way.  Thus, there is shingling and that's why the front and middle always tend to look fuller than the crown.  In the crown we all have a whirl, (swirl), and the hair grows away from the point.  The hairs are not working together and makes the area look thinner.  So, if it is normal to look thinner in the crown for everyone, leave it alone and let the meds do their job in that area.  So, if you are considering transplants, concentrate them in the area that you see, (and others see when they are talking to you), in the mirror.  

To have full access to your donor area I would consider doing both.  First, FUT.  It is less expensive.  Do as much as you can.  Start in the front and have the doctor concentrate the grafts as much as possible to make an impact. Have the doctor work back until he runs out of grafts.  Allow a year to see the results, (transplants and meds), and reassess.  At that point, you may consider FUT or FUE pending elasticity and a few other factors.  Ultimately, and to look fuller, you may finish with SMP.  This helps minimize the contrast between the hair and the skin.

Good luck and please research.  Look at photos.  HUNDREDS before making a decision.  If the doctor you choose is good, he'll be excited to show you his work.


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FUT with Konior would probably give you a great result if you don’t mind the wait. He’s really good at making every single graft count.

Hasson and Wong are also worth looking into for mega sessions that cover a large area, and they’re able to move a lot of grafts in a single surgery. Wong in particular is known for his crown work, and they’re fairly inexpensive for a world class clinic.

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