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What is the best way to grow out hair after transplant?

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The hair on the side of my head is a lot thicker than the top and it shows the thinning a lot more

i was thinking of keeping the sides short until my hair grows out to make it look thicker 

I’m 20 days post op and was thinking of taking a trip to the barber and asking for 0.5 sides and left on top

Will this look ok? Any one have any experience with this?

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Any way you look at it, hair produces an illusion of coverage...having said that, yes keeping the sides shorter will help produce an illusion of having more on top providing your top length is longer.

I do this myself whereby my sides are shorter and my transplanted hair along with my native hair on top is much longer.  I also style the top with a more brushed back style which helps build illusionary volume and with the longer hair, it covers more of my scalp.

It also helps cover my thinning crown by brushing front to back.


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