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Shedding at 10/11 months postop

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I had my FUT done last January on the frontal 3rd of my scalp. By September and October I was very happy with how much growth and density and was excited to know I still had a few more months to go. By the end of November, thanksgiving time I began to notice the fullness wasn’t there but I tried not to be so hard on myself. By Christmas time everything was just gone. The density fullness and all the progress I made seemed to be gone. I began to look to peruse another procedure at a different doctor. While doing so I came across The member Spex page about shedding. How this is a thing and it’s more common than not and causes people to think their procedure was a failure. He said the shedding can last 3-4 months.  After reading his page on shredding I decided to put it in Park and hold out and wait till the 18 month mark. Here I am just past the 13 month mark and I still feel like nothing has grown back. It sucks to be self conscious again when for just a few moths back in the summer I was feeling so good about my hair. Has anyone had similar situation? Anyone have the hair grow back again and at what point did you start to notice ? I’m getting impatient. Parts of my thinks it was a failure but I’m trying to be hopeful that I will be happy again soon. I guess I’m just seeking comfort.. 

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Hey man. Sorry to hear about this. I encourage you to post some pictures - and in order to get a more thorough response, post the following if you can: pre-op, post-op, a photo when your hair was at its fullest, a photo when the shed really hit you, and then a present day photo. This isn't necessary, but will really help to paint a full visual picture of what you've been experiencing. 

In the meantime, the seasonal shed that Spex talks about is completely normal and is to be expected. However, I'm not sure why yours is lasting as long as it is. Hopefully pictures will help put things into perspective. 

Have you reached out to your surgeon with your concerns and to get his input? 

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Same thing here.. should I go back to my hair doc? It's been 10 months. Looked great at 5 months.

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I experienced a shed cycle that lasted for approximately 9 months and it was when I switched from the liquid form of minoxidil to the new foam version.

I definitely recommend that both of you inform your doctors of this and get their opinion.

Hope this resolves soon for both of you.


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On 6/17/2019 at 3:46 PM, Dr. Glenn Charles said:

Did you have existing hairs that the doctor worked around or was the area completely devoid of any original hairs? 


I had some native hair in the area already but nothing worth talking about. I have seen much improvement since the winter it seems a lot of it has grown back in but it’s not as dense or as strong as it was at the 9 month post op before this shed. I’m still disappointed. I don’t have much faith it will improve from here. A second procedure is def on my mind 

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