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Toppik after a transplant

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Will putting on Toppik a week or so after the transplant conceal the redness???

Or does the redness still shine through??

Reason I'm asking is because I'm getting a no-shave HT done and I want to try and conceal the redness

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It should, depending on how much native hair you have.  This is a fiber that adheres to the hair and it makes it thicker looking.  It also takes away the contrast between the hair and the scalp, depending on your hair color.  Much tougher to conceal on a blond person.  I would wait a week post op to start using, but ask the doctor, he can guide you.   Now, that's where the hair is located.  If you are considering hairline work and get to experience some redness down the forehead you can use some mascara.  There are some make-up artists at the mall.  They use the stuff day-in day-out and can also help you.

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If you're keeping the native hair in the recipient area and you have a decent amount of it for the fibers to stick to, I think you should be good, but just how red/pink your scalp is after the procedure will also play a factor. My scalp has always been sensitive, so mine was more pink than I would've liked for longer than I would've liked - but by week 3 it was pretty solid. 

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As others have said, if you've got a reasonable amount of native hair then the hair fibres will do a good job of hiding the redness. I had to attend a big social event a week after a no-shave transplant years ago and did just this. No one was any the wiser.

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