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hi all

I am 6 months out of a FUE procedure and heading to sunny California next month.

I would like to spend a few days by the pool and get some color.

Am I in the clear for a full-body tan? do I still need to wear a hat, wear sunscreen on my scalp or any of that?


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Different surgeons seem to have different advice. Mine said to aovid sun for 4 months, and that after that it's not a problem. Some seem to be much more cautious -- I've seen up to a year advised by some surgeons on their web sites. Personally I'm 6.5 months out, and although I've stopped wearing a hat on a daily basis, I do wear one if I'm going to be out in the sun for long. Better safe than sorry, really.

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The main reason to avoid sun tanning soon after the procedure is to avoid permanent freckling.  6 mo, however, is plenty of time to start tanning.  If you are concerned, use sunblock and a cap, (which you should be doing anyways).  I do agree with  Seamike, lots of opinions out there.  4 mo, however, seems to be the standard for most.

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As Seamike said, it really varies from surgeon to surgeon. We tell our patients to avoid direct sun exposure for the first 6 months after the hair transplant, in which case, I think you'd be fine to enjoy some CA sun - but it's probably a good idea to run this by your surgeon to be safe. 

That said, here in LA, that California sun has been in hiding for the past month or so, so you may not have anything to worry about anyway. ;)

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