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Are my expectations unrealistic?

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On 2/27/2019 at 11:25 PM, FUEblonde1985 said:

Your hair loss pattern seems fairly similar to mine, but I am 6 years older than you. I got on fin 5 years ago when I first noticed temples looking a bit thin. I also styled my hair similarly and no one could tell the temples were thinning (and even today most people wouldn't think I had a slowly receding hairline.) On fin, the temples did recede very slowly each year anyway, and it became harder and harder to style it the way I wanted to, until finally it seemed like most of the time it was just kind of shitty and I wanted "a" hairline back.

I would agree with what is written above. I think doing your research now is a great idea - but before you pull the trigger - ask yourself how badly it bothers you right now. Is it just something that would be "nice to have" like a luxury car - or do you feel at this point that your hair has downgraded from a honda accord to a 98 pinto without air conditioning in los angeles. Only you know how much it bothers you, and it clearly has bothered you enough to have you schedule a surgery. Also, you know best whether or not the recession has continued or if it has halted completely.

But you should also know there are some advantages to waiting - you can wait to see if the recession continues into your 30s. If it doesn't - great, then have a procedure to fix your temples and hope that the fin keeps working. If you wait until your 30s and the hairloss continues, you might have a better idea what your long term outlook is like and you can plan accordingly. Doing surgery now is going to essentially lay the groundwork for the hair that you will need to maintain for life (who knows if something better will come along). If your temples and hairline keep going, you might need to continue getting small procedures to keep up that NW1, and I can tell you being on day 14 right now, its not the easiest shit to go through, and i certainly wouldn't want to be likely doing it again for at least another 10 years.

Are you willing to do another procedure to fill in later temple and hairline recession in your mid 30s? Are you willing to possibly run out of grafts in your lifetime with a great hairline and midscalp but a giant bald spot? These are all considerations to make, and the earlier you do it - it seems the more you are gambling. Only you know if the benefit is worth the risk - because no one else here (no matter how many people here say how great your hair is) can qualify how much benefit you would really get since that is determined by how much the hair is subjectively bothering you.

Many people might say that I didn't need to get a transplant either (im a bit further along than you I think) but it bothered me enough that the potential pitfalls (less graft supply, chasing hairline in future) did not outweigh the benefit to me (assuming success, which is also another consideration). I think being a bit older and seeing the effects of fin, I have a better idea (but not perfect prediction) of the next decade, and I've accepted the possibility of needing further procedures, and possibly looking worse in my older age than if I had waited to have a transplant in my 40s.

Objectively speaking, I don't know that you would achieve much of a cosmetic benefit compared to your pre hairloss photo. Yes, with recession, there are some hairstyles that you cannot pull off. But you don't look any worse off since you have utilized certain styles to compensate. You have not yet reached the point where the hair loss has affected your appearance in any meaningful way.

Honestly I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep my hair. That being said, I am for the most part ok with how it looks right now when styled. I hide it well and I think it looks pretty cool. If it receded any farther though I would absolutely not be fine. I think I will probably keep my September date for now. If come august, my hair is still stable maybe push it back a year. I plan to grow my hair out on top until then. 

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On 2/23/2019 at 6:19 AM, kimura50 said:

I had pretty much the same amount of hairloss, I went with FUE with Dr. Bisanga and it turned out great. Check out my thread if you want to see the before and afters.

Looks great man. Exactly what I would want. How does it looks when wet?

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