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Shaving or buzzing after a hair transplant

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Anyone who’s had a hair transplant fue or fut and decided to buzz it all off years down the line does it look natural in the recipient area? Or does it look like fake hair? I know that smp can work wonders on scars or to hide density.

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i shaved mine 2 months ago 5mm

looked good just my crown is thin.


hairline is transplanted. just the forelock in natural but some ttansplanted in mid scalp too.


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Well, that will depend on the artistry of the doctor.  In the old days the general concept was that fine hair, for hairline work, would come from the nape area.  At the time FUT was all there was, (mini grafts).  Soon after they realized that the scars were very visible, particularly for those experiencing retrograde alopecia.  Soon thereafter they started harvesting from behind the ear, where you will typically find the finest hair.  Well, and to finally answer the question, the problem now is, knowing how many new doctors are coming into the industry with no experience whatsoever, they are harvesting from the entire donor area and not separating the fine, medium and coarse type follicles.  There is no regard as to placing.  So now you will find many patients with thicker shaft type hair on the hairline that just stands out and is easily detectable.  This hair, additionally, tends to be darker.  So, if you shave, and you see coarse hairs, that's on the doctor and his inexperience.

The other issue you've brought up is that of the crown.  I am glad to hear you are thinner there. Let's explain.....

A few general concepts to understand.  1) The donor area is finite.  And, in an advance pattern, it is unlikely there will be enough to allow for a full set of hair.  2) If you've shown the propensity to lose, you will continue losing.  A reputable practice will always recommend some type of medical regimen to help with retention/enhancement of the native hair.  (Propecia, Rogaine, Laser and PRP).  Let me share an example:

Class 6 comes in for a consultation. He has diffused thinning throughout the pattern and he's 23 years old.  He wants a full set of hair.  What to do.  The first thing to consider is the fact that he is quite young and he's already experiencing very aggressive loss.  It is a fact he will continue to lose the little he has.  First thing is to educate the patient and explain medical therapy.  Second, explain donor area limitation.  (There is just not enough hair in the donor area to allow for a full set of hair.  Yes, by definition he will have a bit more density, but putting 3,000 grafts, (just to put a number out there), in the whole area will give little to no cosmetic difference.  (The doctor would need to leave such a big separation in between the grafts to spread them through such a big area that the patient will end up seeing little to no difference).  If the grafts are concentrated and placed closer together, they will make a big difference). So the Doctor's approach should be to place the grafts close together to each other in the area that will make the most difference for the patient, the front.  

Considering the above, the second reason why the crown should be the last area to tackle is the fact that we all have a whirl in the area.  The hair grows away from the center point.  Hair does not shingle like it does in the front and top.  (hair in the front grows forward at a certain angle, and so does the hair in the top.  The fact that the hair shingles allows for the hair to work together and create the sense of density). If you are going to be thin, be thin in the crown as this is a normal pattern.





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