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Please Help! I am having difficulty researching options and surgeons!

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So, 3 years ago I had 2 procedures with an Australian surgeon. The final results are not good and I am looking to get my HT fixed.

I am feeling very overwhelmed by differing opinions, experience of others and the many options.

To those who have had success getting great transplants my question is this...


Q. What process did you use to research and decide upon a surgeon and procedure that ultimately gave you great results?


Any experience you can share would be greatly appreciated!




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Hi! I feel for you. Sorry to hear about your situation. I went to clinics that had a reputation of being ethical and producing good, consistent results. I was only ever considering Europe however. I had been following the clinic I finally went with on another couple of sites and was very impressed with the work. What swung it for me is that Dr Feriduni himself in an in-person consultation I had with him told me they were an elite level clinic and that he thought their results were amazing. My advice thefore is, like I said, ethical (they won't BS you) and consistently good results (they know what they are talking about). Then just compare the advice given to you and even put it on here for people to give their opinions. I am very happy with my result so this worked for me.

I know Dr Feriduni does repair work and he also charges for his consultations (about 200 euros) so you know his opinions are impartial. Might be a good starting point that you can use as a baseline for any other advice/suggestions given to you.

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