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Open advice and opinions on hairloss journey

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I began losing hair at crown alone at 18 years old which has progressed to diffuse over whole scalp, had used finasteride on and off between 18-20 but have been using everyday since 20 yrs old, seeing hair loss slow down but not stabilise. 

I recently underwent an fue hair transplant procedure totalling 3200 grafts (6897 hairs) by ak clinics in Delhi. My hair count prior to surgery was 90 units/cm2 , 187hairs/cm2,  my hair loss is progressive but I was also advised I have good donor area/cm2 to harvest. 

I am curious as to how many grafts I could be able to harvest via scalp in a lifetime with final baldness pattern is showing significantly, noting I have already taken 3200 grafts (1400 crown, 800 midscalp, 1000 front scalp)

Any advise or opinions are appreciated. 






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I think it's pretty difficult to guesstimate total amount of grafts available just from pictures. I'd defer that quesiton to your clinic as they worked with your donor and saw it under magnification as well.

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Your scalp donor area is looking quite thin after losing 3200 grafts.

I would say anything 2000 or so grafts will  make the thinning more noticeable.

If you want to take more, then you might want to consider future SMP in this area to mask the transparency.

You do have the option of taking grafts from the beard, if you love your beard then you could just take 500 or so from the shadow area under the chin.

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Every head and donor area is different.  It’s very difficult to say but if your hairs per square centimeter is accurate a skilled surgeon could work with that.  It also depends on whether you want to wear a short cropped haircut.  I’ve had over 7,000 grafts moved and doctors at the International Hair Restoration conference a few years ago suggested 2,000 more in my crown area.  A reputable FUE surgeon should lead you in the right direction.  You can see my before/afters at the website below.  Best of luck to you.

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