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Visit to Parsa Mohebi M.D. Los Angeles

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Today, I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Mohebi at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration. I have to say that I was truly impressed with Dr. Mohebi and his staff. It is clear that his clinic and team take pride in their work and it shows in their results. It is no surprise that Dr. Mohebi is providing such excellent care to his patients given the fact that he belongs to the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians, a group of surgeons that are carefully selected for their skill and consistent excellent patient results.

I had the pleasure of witnessing Dr. Mohebi and his well-trained clinical staff perform an FUE procedure on a patient who also happened to be in the healthcare industry. The patient received 2,000 grafts that were placed strategically to maximize the illusion of density. The patient received grafts in his midscalp, left upper-lateral hump and lower crown. Since the patient combs his hair from left to right, the goal was to maximize the density in the sections that layer over the scalp. The patient returned to Dr. Mohebi and his team of expertly trained technicians because of the fantastic results he had received previously in his hairline.

Dr. Mohebi, first created recipient sites, his reasoning was to minimize the time that the patients grafts spend outside of the body. After the recipient sites were created, he extracted the grafts via a 0.9mm punch using the Trivellini punch formerly known as the Mamba device. The device had a sensitive touch screen that displayed the various modes in colorful graphics.  According to Dr. Mohebi, it is the only device on the market that can execute rotation, oscillation and vibration individually or combined. In addition, the Trivellini surgical punch could control the speed and time of each movement. Ensuring that the healthiest grafts are extracted. While Dr. Mohebi, extracted grafts, his technicians implanted them in tandem. It was impressive to witness such a well executed procedure being carried out with precision and efficiency.

I am grateful to Dr. Mohebi and his staff for allowing me to observe them in surgery. I can without a doubt assure anyone that is interested in having a hair transplant with Dr. Mohebi, that he is performing ultra-refined follicular unit transplantation. Dr. Mohebi and his team took excellent care of their patient, ensuring that he was comfortable at all times, even bringing him his requested snack of ice cream. Thankfully, I  was able to film most of the surgery, which I will be posting on YouTube soon, so stay tuned. Below are a couple of pictures of Dr. Mohebi and his team, me and Dr. Mohebi and the procedure itself.






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Thought I’d add a couple of more pictures of the procedure. Dr. Mohebi, seperates all of his grafts using high magnification, to ensure single hair grafts are actually single hair. He also, keeps the grafts in methodically thought out petri dish that he created. You will also see, he’s extracting grafts as his techs are implanting simultaneously. 





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