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Is Hair system possible if I have thick frontal hair?

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I had a horrible hair transplant where the surgeon badly damaged my donor area and designed a very bad hairline with multi-hair grafts. 
I am young so I cannot get a revision hair transplant yet and have to wait another 5-6 years for a revision surgery. 
Can I wear a hair system? The hairs in the hairline area are really thick, so they will grow back really fast as compared to thinner hairs at the back.
Will this affect the hair system's ability to stick my head? I don't want the hair system to come off in public and embarrass myself.

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In short, yes it is possible to wear a system behind a front hairline.

Attaching to shaven or buzzed down hair will help it.

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How old are you? Why do you have to wait 5 or 6 years for a revision surgery? Even if you had the first one done at a very young age, it's already done, so waiting until a certain age to get it corrected doesn't make sense unless you are waiting due to finances on your end... or if the surgery isn't really that bad and you just want more to have a thick low aggressive hairline that the Drs refuse to do due to your age.



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