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24 year old patient, with a previous unsuccessful hair transplant, came in to restore hairline and mid front of hairline.

Dr. Rahal designed a hairline to fill in the recession and to add density to mid front. The treatment area was 40 cm².  The transplanted density done at 35 grafts/cm² or at 76 hairs/cm².
He now has more styling options with the new transplanted hair. Please note the results photos were emailed to us by this patient (not taken in clinic).

Surgery type: FUE    
Recipient Area treated         40 cm²
Zones Treated         1 to 3    
Grafts Transplanted         1415 grafts
Recipient Graft Density        35 grafts/cm²
Recipient Hair Density        76 hairs/cm²
Graft breakdown            
Single Hair            248 grafts    
Two Hair            749 grafts 
Three Hair            393 grafts     
Four Hair            25 grafts    
TOTAL GRAFTS        1415 grafts
TOTAL HAIRS         3025 hairs    
HAIRS PER GRAFT        2.14 hairs/graft














Tara Portt

Patient Advisor


I represent Rahal Hair Transplant. I am not a medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own.

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Hi Tara,

The results look great, do you happen to have any photos taken by the clinic? The pictures appear a little dark. Perhaps using a filter to brighten the picture may be helpful. Thank you for continued support and participation in our forum 🙂

I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

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Great result, but I have one advice for the clinic: it would be best to start posting more aggressive loss and loss above Norwood 2-3. It seems the only relevant Rahal postings are low recession and minimal loss. While they are great results, patients would like to see more from such a reputable clinic/doctor. 

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Good results, but what is the time frame of the results?...It’s a very simple thing to note when you post a case.

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