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How to undo a hair transplant ASAP

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7 minutes ago, bornwithhighforehead said:

another case with poor density. Guy went back for a revision. If done properly the first time, it will save all the disappointments and time.

Exactly. Why doesn’t he simply measure the area to be covered, the hair thickness, and then simply use enough grafts?

What I noticed is that Vermag or someone else said that Dr Bhatti had told them they they received 55 follicles per square CM. Dr Bhatti told me, over skype, that my hairline was up to 55 follicles per square cm. In either case, that’s not even remotely true. I told him that I had measured the density with a translucent ruler, and the highest number of follicles I could find within a single square cm was 35 at best, and around 25 towards the back. His response was that he achieved a higher density based on the number of grafts and the area covered. Yet he never actually measured the area covered.

Moderators, and Dr Bhatti: Just so you know, I am just pointing out facts. I realize it may seem like I’m being overly negative. But this is all relevant, especially to people considering a HT with Dr Bhatti. If anyone is interested, I have pictures of measurements of graft density for my HT.

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Here is another set of clearer photos of my Bhatti donor zone.

Note the irregular extraction pattern. There’s a lot of space that could have been used for extraction, but wasn’t.




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