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hey guys,

i'm taking MSM, Biotin, vitamin D and vitamin B12 (this one not everyday).

in addition i eat walnuts, almonds, pumpkinseed, brazil nuts and flaxseed daily.

i have some pigmentation spots on my forehead, probably from years of wearing hats and not using sun screen.

there are talking about this supplement- Pycnogenol which can help this.

is anyone got experience with that and is it "safe" to use for the hair? (currently 11 months post op, another 1.5 month going to do another one)

with all the things i'm taking is it "safe" to take that too?

thank you


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Pycnogenol gives numerous advantages to the skin, including lessening the indications of maturing. A little 2012 examination on postmenopausal ladies found that pycnogenol enhanced hydration and flexibility of skin.Pycnogenol seems to diminish the making of free radicals, which are particles connected to a few skin conditions.

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