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2500 Grafts FUE @ India (7 month results)

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I promised to upload a picture of my results on another thread, so here we go.

I am 23 years old and am Southeast Asian, so majority of my hair has fine caliber with the exception of hair in my donor area, which is really coarse/thick. I decided to undergo a hair transplant at such a young age because it was psychologically too painful for me to be a norwood 3A at such a young age AND being asian. Even though it is only 7 months after the procedure, I am already beginning to feel the positive effects that a full head of hair can give. The transplanted hair is now 1.5-2 inches long while my native hair on top is 3-4 inches, so it'll take some more growing out for me to achieve a more seamless blend.

I experienced shock loss of terminal hairs above the transplanted area at around month 3, which is really causing the overall result to suffer.  You will not be able to see the shock loss here because I layered my native hairs over it. It's almost month 7 for me and I do see some signs of regrowth, so fingers crossed.


Grafts: 2500 (Doctor added in a free 100 grafts to offset any transection, so that makes it 2600)

Density: 50-55 grafts/cm^2, with lesser going further back

Hair characteristics: I had no measurements done for this, but when a trichologist used one of those magnifying tools on my scalp, my donor hairs seemed to be really fat and black, in contrast to the rest of my hairs, which is fine as is typical of Asian hair. This is probably why I managed to have good coverage. My hairstylist actually asked me if my surgeon transplanted at a higher density than my native density. Asians having lesser native density than other races + coarse donor was a huge help for me in this area.

Donor area is a bitch to photograph, but if scars are not visible even at a 1 guard buzz, then it's pretty good.

I will not name the doctor or clinic because he has explicitly stated that he does not wish for his results to be posted online without his discretion. He does not belong to any coalition and is practically unheard of in this forum.




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