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Brow lift after hair transplant?

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I've been thinking lately about having a brow lift, as one of my eyebrows droops down significantly lower than the other, and I feel it's getting worse with age. However, it seems to me that both conventional brow lifts (which involve an ear-to-ear incision along the hairline) and endoscopic brow lifts (which involve several small incisions on the scalp) might risk damaging my new frontal hair transplant, as I suppose the incisions would be made in the recipient areas. Am I right in thinking this would be a danger? Should I just try Botox or something else instead?

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Consult w/the most respected plastic surgeons in a major city or teaching hospital - this is not as uncommon as you think and a full brow lift is probably not the ideal answer.  Maybe there are some new developments in this type of surgery?

Good luck!

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I would strongly recommend to visit a doctor and ask him for advice. You must be absolutely sure that everything will be OK while and after brow lift and you need a high-qualitative surgeon. My sister accidentally discovered a great skin care clinic and there she had a face thread lift and she was so happy after that, she has no scars and no downtime. Now she looks very beautiful and healthy. I had many wrinkles and eyelids bags because of the lack of sleep and because of the stress on my work. I sit in front of the computer screen all day and I get tired so my eyes and skin. I had some facials treatments and my skin really got better and now it shines and I'm looking so young and healthy.

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