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2500 FUE Grafts with Dr. Rahal - 1 Year Post-Op

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This is a terrific post. Thanks for great pics.  You want honest thoughts. I love how you actually measured. I did a ton of research into HT and density before my transplant. Very few people have actual results with final density counts so it is more than math. Looking at your pics I would have said it looked like high 40's per cm2. Your hair looks about the same caliber as mine.  My research also is in line with yours. Some docs claim 95% regrowth rate in good patients. It is both Dr. and patient dependent. But my understanding is about high 80's to low 90s% are what we can realistically aim for in good transplants. Probably if you averaged out outcomes by the top 100 surgeons you would see some bad cases drop that average. But it is what it is.  So your results are PERFECTLY in line with what you should expect at this stage and you should be happy. 


  No opinion. Looks great. Not hair model flawless, but leave well enough alone and move on with a nice hairline that nobody would ever think twice about in real life. We all get a bit obsessive on it, so outside opinions are helpful. Can you improve it...sure.  But you really have a good hairline now and looks natural in the pics. If it were a little thinner then I might agree with a touch up. But I think you are getting into diminishing returns here and at your age, you may actually loose more over time and just address it then if you have more work done. Completely unnecessary. And ignore the silly posts here. I think some people have unrealistic ideas and see too many ideally lit and styled results.  You made a solid choice in DR for your needs and got solid results. You came out a winner...be happy.

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