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Hattingen Hair Patient Experiences

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I've narrowed my search down to Hattingen and Dr. Rahal. Had a consult with Hasson & Wong, that didn't go too great. Nothing to do with my expectations or theirs (my expectations were actually quite modest as compared to theirs to be honest) but felt it just isn't the place for me. Consulting with Rahal and Hattingen later this week. 

One thing about Rahal is you can find loads of first hand patient accounts. Since Hattingen is located in Europe, it is really hard to find any person that has gone to them and shared their experience. Anyone know of anyone, even if there has been forums outside of the HTN that have patient experiences with Hattingen?

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Thanks gents. The internationalhairlossforum.com also has some solid patient experiences from Hattingen.

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